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Alberto Gonzalez & Teresa Szefler 

Salsa Dance Zone

Alberto Gonzalez & Teresa Szefler, Salsa & Latin Dance instructors of Hot Salsa Dance Zone. Coquitlam BC & the Vancouver's Lower Mainland.

Alberto Gonzalez

Professional Instructor, Director, Salsa Dancer,

Promoter of Salsa & Latin Events

Alberto Gonzalez,  Professional Instructor, Director, Salsa Dancer, Promoter of Salsa & Latin Events of Hot Salsa Dance Zone

Choreographer for stage TV & Film.

Years Professional Dance Instruction since 2001.


Alberto Gonzalez has been recognized as one of the most dynamic dancers in Vancouver, and known for his agility, his smooth leading, his coordination to dance to the music right on the spot, his flashy and smooth moves and dips and his non intimidating and easy to remember teaching techniques.


Born and raised in Mexico City Alberto danced Disco, Break Dance, and 80's Rock since the age of 10. In 1990 Alberto moved to Vancouver to study English, and Culinary Arts. He was introduced to Salsa at a party in 1994. Soon he took classes with a number of local and international dance instructors. In 2003 Alberto joined BC Dance Company rapidly becoming the lead dancer of the troop. The turning point of Alberto's dancing career was meeting Cheryl Rodway, his true dance mentor, who helped him develop and refine his own dance style.


Alberto performed at a number of Vancouver dance events on stage and TV. He started his own dance school,, where he puts smiles on hundreds of people's faces teaching them Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha-Cha-Cha at various locations in the Lower Mainland.


At his dance school Alberto, together with his co-instructor since 2009 Teresa, promotes Salsa as an expression of Latin American culture, as well as a source of fitness and entertainment to people of various ages and backgrounds.


His vision is for Salsa Dance Zone to become a forum of cultural exchange for both local as well as foreign dancers and dance lovers.

Teresa Szefler

Professional Instructor, Public relations, Salsa dancer, Promoter of Salsa & Latin Dance Events.

Teresa Szefler, Professional Instructor, Public relations & Salsa dancer. Promoter of Salsa & Latin Dance Events of Hot Salsa Dance Zone

Born and raised in Poland, at her teenage years Teresa was training and competing for 5 years in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She fell in love with Latin beat at the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, Poland, where she was introduced to Latin dancing by students from Latin America.


Her decision to leave her country put aside her dancing dream for a number of years. After immigrating to Canada in 1996 and working to establish her publishing business she started to dance again in 2006.


Before discovering her passion for Salsa Teresa enjoyed Belly Dancing, Ballroom, and some other Latin dances.


In 2008 Teresa signed up for Alberto's Salsa classes. Alberto quickly noticed Teresa's passion for Salsa and one year later he asked Teresa to become his dance performance partner.


From then on they danced together and since 2009 Teresa is also Alberto's co-instructor of Salsa at Alberto’s dance school Salsa Dance Zone.

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