Health & Safety Plan regarding Covid 19

Salsa Lessons at Evergreen Cultural Centre Coquitlam

Dance Classes at Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam in Rehearsal Hall

Covid 19 Health and Safety Plan

Effective July 5th, 2020

Safe Physical Distancing
We are limiting the number of people in the Rehearsal Hall at Evergreen Cultural Centre,

to meet safe physical distancing requirements. There will be a 10 minutes break between

the following class to prevent large groups of people congregating in the Hall between classes,

as well as to allow time for cleaning and sanitization between classes.

There will be a Salsa sign at the entrance of the Hall, marking the entrance to the building.

Exit from classes will be through different doors (there will be a sign stating - Exit only).


Upon Arrival to the Class
Please wait outside of Rehearsal hall and maintain a distance of 2 metres apart,

until it is time for you to enter the Hall. We will open the door when we are ready for the group.
At the entrance we will have a table with hand sanitizer and there are 2 washrooms beside the entrance.
Please sanitize or wash your hands before your class and after your class. 
Follow the signs to Hall where we have the class.
We will have marks on the floor for each person (for non couple classes) or for each couple. 
Change your shoes and put your belongings in designated areas.
Please try to minimize the amount of belongings you bring with you.

Do not forget to  bring your water with you.

First Class
All the students are pre registered for all classes. 
For the first class only, once inside the Hall, please approach the table, one person at a time

and complete any registration requirements, wash or sanitize your hands and proceed to claim

your spot on the dance floor.

Class Times
We are implementing a 10 minutes break between classes to allow for cleaning and sanitization

as well as to prevent large groups from congregating in the studio during class crossover.


After the Class
After your class has finished, please wash or sanitize your hands again, collect your belongings,

and leave the studio through the marked exit door, as quickly as possible since there will be students

waiting outside for the next class.


We recommend you wear a mask while attending a class if you are comfortable doing so, but it’s not mandatory.

And do take it off if you experience dizziness or a shortness of breath while wearing it.


Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols
All high touch surfaces will be cleaned before and after all classes. This includes but isn’t limited to,

door handles, taps and toilet handles.  

Limited Contact
Staff and students are asked to please refrain from high fives and hugs for the time being.

If You Feel Unwell
If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, chills, a cough, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, etc,

or if you are in proximity with someone who is ill, please stay home and do not attend classes.
If you have travelled internationally recently, please stay home, self isolate, and refrain from attending classes.



Thank you for your support!

Alberto & Teresa

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