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FALL 2020 (Sep-Nov)


Sep 30, Oct 1 & 4

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We are continuing regular classes this Fall

Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam

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Prices below are for one 6 week course (one hour per week). GST is included!
– You can choose and pay for more than one course in the payment form below.
If you missed the first class, it’s not too late to join us for the second class!


-Classes will be held in big Rehearsal Hall (Sundays & Thursdays) and Theatre Studio (Wednesdays)

so space will not be an issue.


- With Social distancing rules in place, we have capacity for each class 27 people or 13 NON SWITCHING COUPLES. This means that there will be lots of space (more than social distancing required) for everybody, since in most of the classes we have much less than 27 people.

-You have to bring your own partner and you have to stay with that partner through the whole class.

(exception Salsa Shines course and Dominican Bachata)

- The use of Mask are not mandatory, but you can choose to use one.

-Please read, print, sign our Waiver of Liability and bring it to the first class.

(We will have extra copies on site, we will provide you with one if you do not have a printer)

Waiver of Liability

Before coming to take classes, please read our Safety Plan so you are aware of our health and safety measures and what to expect when you attend classes at Evergreen Cultural Centre.

Rates for dance lessons with Hot Salsa Dance Zone

Online Payment for Classes

Paypal & Credit Card



- Select below the courses you want to take

- Select if you are Single or Couple (Student & Seniors Single or Couple)

- Enter your phone number & Email address (mandatory)

- Click the Paypal BUY NOW button you will be redirected to Paypal website

- Check the amount and you will be asked to pay with: Your Paypal account or make payment with Credit Card.

- Accept and wait... Transaction will be sent to your Email address once is completed and accepted.

- Open your email and find the confirmation of purchase This is your confirmation! 

  (The email address you used on credit card or Paypal account)

  (if the transaction does not appear on your inbox, look in to your Junk or Spam box) 

- Print the confirmation and bring it along on the day of the classes! (You can also save it on your phone)

Note: If transactions are declined, No panic! It happens... You will be redirected back to this page and start over

- For Payments via E-Transfer - Please Contact us first!

Please take some time to read our Payment Policy below.

Questions???? Sent us an Email or Call 604-725-4654 / 604-808-2311

Payment & Registration for Dance Classes


Payment for average, regular working people!


Additional Paypal charge of $1.50 applies for amounts of $50.00
and Paypal charge of $2.00 applies for amounts over $100.00.

Please read Payment Policy below.

Payment & Registration for Dance Classes


Student: High School / College / University
Senior: Age of 65 years old & up.


Additional Paypal charge of $1.50 applies for amounts of $50.00
and Paypal charge of $2.00 applies for amounts over $100.00.

Please read Payment Policy below.



Contact us at

(604) 725-4654 / (604) 808-2311

Please send us an E-Mail.






- All classes MUST be paid in cash, cheques or Online before you start any class.

- We don’t accept payments with Interac or credit card on the class site. Payments made in person; cash or cheque only.

- Please provide your name, phone number and email address when using Paypal.

- Print your proof of payment received in your e-mail address inbox and bring it along with you with a valid ID.

- Financial options available. Don’t feel shy to ask.


- Sign up for classes and can't show up?

  If you miss a class, refund will not be issued.

  You have the option to recover your missed class (classes) by attending an equivalent class

   in any of the location(s) available during that course.

Effective September 2016: If you sign up for course, and you can not take it for some reason, you have to notify to us.

  We can keep credit for you for 3 months. Your credit after 3 months will expire. No refunds!

- All classes, times and locations are subject to change. We will notify you of changes ahead of time.



for all our dance classes


All joining students most fill up a Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability.
Please request the instructors for the Agreement and please fill it on the first day of your classes.
This waiver will be filled only once.

Waiver PDF


Drop in classes.
Drop in fee is $15 per person.
Please contact the instructor if you want to attend a drop in class.
No drop ins are accepted at the end of courses.


Can take only partial amount of classes from the dance course?
If you are planning to attend less than 6 classes, you can purchase them only in person. 
We will adjust the rate for you based on amount of classes you will take.
For further assistance, please contact us here 
or call at: (604) 725-4654 / (604) 808-2311


About joining Intermediate and Advance classes.
Intermediate Salsa classes are ongoing and you can join your classes at any time!!!
You must be approved by the Instructors to join our Intermediate, Intermediate II or semi advanced Salsa classes.


Conduct & Behavior.
Unappropriated conduct, harassment and foul language to other attendees and to the Instructors, 
will cause the expel of the student and will not be accepted in any dance classes we offer, no refund will be issued 
and will notify a warning report to Dance Instructors around the city about the misbehaving individual.


Changes of Schedule & Cancellation of courses.
If not enough amount of attendees, the management has the liberty to announce that classes will be postponed to 
the next date available in that particular location. All registered students will be notified about the change.

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 28  SEP 2020

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