Instructional Salsa Videos Online

for Absolute Beginners

Learn to dance Salsa with your partner

at home or watch from anywhere!

In these fun videos you and your partner will learn

the basic fundamentals of Salsa Dancing.

You can transfer to different styles of Salsa.

Our video program includes detailed explanation of:

- Basic Salsa steps (On1 - L.A. Style) & variations

- Body Movement

- Counting your steps to the music

- Listening to Salsa music - find the beat / find the count

- Connection with your partner

- How to Turn your partner or yourself: Spot Turn

- Travelling Turn

- Inside Turn

...and much more! 

 3 months membership for only CN$39! 

Alberto & Teresa Dance Demo.gif

  Our Last Update:  

 27  NOV 2020

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