Testimonials from students of Hot Salsa Dance Zone

If you are not sure on taking Salsa dance classes, perhaps a little outside opinions can be helpful to make your mind and overcome your fears about dancing.
Please read these testimonials from some of our students who have taken dance lessons with us, as well as they also were once afraid of Salsa dancing…
And today they want more!

We really enjoyed our dance lessons with Alberto and Teresa. Not only did they teach us the salsa steps but they made sure that we do the right body movements that goes with the steps. We look forward to our next set dance sessions.

Jun & Kit Tan

Alberto and Teresa give excellent, easy to follow instruction, making even the more complicated moves seem like a piece of cake! I have gone to other classes where the instructor catered to the slowest members. Not Alberto, he will challenge you and give one on one attention where needed, without disrupting the class. When Alberto and Teresa show us how Salsa can look when done right (and from the heart), it is very inspirational! Even if you are partnerless, Alberto and Teresa make sure you get the same value out of the session. If you are looking for Latin dancing, I highly recommend connecting to Alberto!

Carol Carter

Alberto and Teresa’s salsa classes are good for your body and soul. Their dance instructions, though may be complicated, are easy to follow once they show you the easy steps. If you want fun, workout, entertainment and relaxation – join the Hot Salsa Dance Zone!

Nick Asistio (and Josie from Surrey)
Core and Enhanced Support Systems

Alberto is an excellent teacher – you’re always learning something new and being challenged. He really encourages his students to get to know each other as a group and to become familiar with dancing with different partners. Signing up for these lessons has been the best thing we’ve done for in a long time! We’re having a great time and made new friends as well. We always look forward to Tuesday lessons at Sullivan Community Hall

Joel and Deck

Your class is enjoyable experience. Your class is easy to understand and encouraging the students. I already recommended to my friends who are interested in salsa. I love your salsa class!!

Hye Jung

We just want to thank you for the fantastic dance lessons! Not only were you able to help us take our Salsa to the next level, the tips you gave us on turning, hints on leading and styling also helps us with our other dances as well. A real bonus! Thanks.

Mike & Gloria Hamer

Alberto and Teresa not only makes the class fun, they are really knowledgeable of fixing what we do unconsciously that is holding us back. Highly recommend it for any salsa enthusiasts.

Eduard Lee

I have loved taking classes from Alberto and Teresa! They use a systematic approach to the moves as well as showing a combination of movements that can be incorporated in your dance. They show kindness, patience and ensure that you understand each movement. They also teach by demonstration and just to watch them is an inspiration that keeps me going!
So if you want to try Salsa, Bachata, Cha, Cha, this is the couple that you want to take classes from.

Marilyn Ibraheem

I just wanted to thank you both for the great lessons that you teach at Hot Salsa Dance Zone and for bringing SALSA to the Tri-Cities. We started dancing two years ago under your instruction and it`s amazing how much we have learned and continue to learn from your teachings. When we go out dancing now we both feel confident that we have the SALSA moves and don`t have to worry about whether we are doing it right. Your patience and understanding to take the time to know each person`s level and willingness to repeat the salsa routines until everyone in the class understands is what makes coming to your lessons so fulfilling. We highly recommend anybody interested in learning to dance Salsa to come to HOT SALSA DANCE ZONE and have lots fun and meet new friends. Thank you Albert & Teresa

Jane & Cayman
Port Coquitlam

I really enjoy your classes. You are really good teacher. Each day I am looking forward to come to your class which gives me energy to keep going in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Port Moody

Alberto and Teresa,
I have very much enjoyed your classes. I feel I can salsa forever with you two teaching.

Ellen L.

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